VIDEO: Top Gear Drives Lamborghini LM002 in a Quarry — Muddy Drifts Ensue

There’s been a lot of Lamborghini news on here, lately. You might be wondering when we’re actually gonna start covering Audis again. Well, considering that Audi owns Lamborghini and the brand-new Lamborghini Urus has debuted and dominating headlines around the interwebs, it only makes sense to keep reporting about it. One of the main talking points about the new Urus is that it’s the second SUV in the Italian brand’s history, with the first being the simply insane Lamborghini LM002. Many people were expecting a sort of return for the manic LM002, only to be disappointed by the much tamer Urus.

Top Gear recently had a fun go in the old-school LM002 to see what the original was like. Dubbed the Rambo Lambo, the Lamborghini LM002 was the first super SUV and it was also quite possibly the most absurd vehicle ever made at the time. It may still be.

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Under that massive hood is a naturally-aspirated V12 engine pulled from a Lamborghini Diablo. So it’s very powerful. But because the Rambo Lambo weighs about three tons, it’s not very fast. It also burns through fuel so quickly it’s almost impressive.

The reason it looks so bulky and absurd is that it was originally designed as a military vehicle and it even had a gunner position. However, no military was mad enough to actually want the LM002 (who would want an extremely expensive and unreliable Lamborghini V12 in their desert-storming vehicle?). That doesn’t mean it can’t do fun military stuff, though, like tearing through mud and sand. Which is exactly what Top Gear recently did in an empty quarry.

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In a shower of mud and dirt, the Lamborghini LM002 drifts around the quarry in the most useless, yet wonderful fashion. It looks like some of the most fun anyone could possibly have. We’re jealous. And the Lamborghini Urus is going to have to be really special to more exciting than this.

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