VIDEO: The Smoking Tire oversteers a 400 hp RevoTechnik Audi A3 2.0t

The Audi A3 gets quite a lot of criticism from car enthusiasts, including this site, for being too ‘Volkswagen Jetta’ and less ‘Audi A4’. This criticism is mainly at the A3 1.8t, which feels far less premium that you’d expect from an Audi. However, the 2.0t is actually a pretty decent little car, it just lacks a bit of the power and performance that some of its competitors provide. Well RevoTechnik has decided to change that.

Audi A3 Carbon Edition
Audi A3 Carbon Edition

The RevoTechnik Audi A3 2.0t has been upgraded with the IS38 turbocharged from the S3 to give it 400 hp, an ECU upgrade, the S3’s springs and sway bars and a Koni-based custom valved suspension setup. It’s an impressive setup that actually makes this A3 2.0t as fast as the Audi S3, maybe even faster. It’s also received some new wheels and some minor body work. Overall it looks really good and has a great sounding exhaust. It also isn’t too much, as the body isn’t very modified and the exhaust is unbearable. RevoTechnik did it right with this A3.

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Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire, got to drive this RevoTechnik Audi A3 2.0t and came away pretty impressed. It’s very fast, even hitting 135 mph on a not-so-long straight. That’s impressive speed for a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine. It even accelerates like an S3, making this quite a lot more fun than the standard A3. The RevoTechnik A3 also does something else that really impressed — it oversteered. When Farah would lift off the throttle mid corner, the rear would rotate out and he’d get a little bit of oversteer. In the little all-wheel drive car with stiffer suspension and sticky Yokohama¬†Advan tires, you wouldn’t expect to oversteer, but this one does. Interesting.

Check out this latest episode of The Smoking Tire and watch Matt Farah actually oversteer and Audi A3.

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