VIDEO: The Smoking Tire drives Lamborghini Avendator SV

The Lamborghini Aventador SV (SV stands for Superveloce, which means “super fast” in Italian) is a rare creature. The standard Aventador is a pretty low-volume car as it is, but the Superveloce variant, which is lighter, more powerful and more hardcore, is ever more rare. Most people that buy Lamborghinis buy them for their looks, sound and style, not to be hardcore track monsters. The Aventador SV is the latter. Its suspension is firm, its visibility is poor and its cabin is cramped, but it sure is fast. Very fast. And it’s very loud and very aggressive, making it a riot on the track. And that’s exactly where Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire, got to drive the new Aventador SV.

Farah is noticeably uncomfortable inside of the SV, as he isn’t a small man, and looks as if his helmet is pinned to the headliner of the bit Lambo. This must make it more difficult to drive. Thankfully, the SV isn’t that difficult to drive on its own. Sure, its monstrously powerful, with 740 hp and a 0-60 mph time of just 2.8 seconds, but it’s actually quite easy to drive. Its all-wheel drive system and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox insure that it’s a peach to get around a track quickly.

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During his drive, he has an Italian instructor in the passenger seat, giving the most Italian instructions possible. “Go-a, onto the brakes-a, back on the power-a”. We kid, but it is kind of funny, coming from an Italian myself. But what we do actually see is that the big Lambo, despite the Sant’Agata firm’s best efforts, can’t hide its sheer mass. Combine its size and weight with its all-wheel drive system and it understeers considerably around the course. It requires heavy braking into the corners, tucking the nose in off power and then back on the power out of the exit. It’s a point-and-shoot kind of machine, not a very graceful one, like a Huracan LP 580-2.

However, that V12 noise is intoxicating, with a rasp and howl at the top end that started giving me a quarter-life crisis by halfway through the video. I’ve been searching for black-market organ shops ever since, wondering if I can get enough money for my kidney to buy one of these. Plus, one less kidney will probably help driving in the SV’s rock-hard suspension. One less thing to break, right? I digress.

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The Lamborghini Aventador SV looks and sounds amazing and delivers on its Superveloce promise.

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