VIDEO: The Smoking Tire drives a track-ready B9 Audi A4

There aren’t many enthusiasts that track-prep a B9-gen Audi A4. It’s not that the B9 is a bad driving car, because it isn’t, but because it’s sort of an average, ordinary premium sedan. It’s quiet, comfortable and luxurious. So getting it ready for some genuine track use is a bit unusual but also a bit awesome. Which is why this new video from The Smoking Tire is so fascinating.

In this video, we get to see Aram Moss, the owner of this track-ready B9 Audi A4. It started out life as a standard A4 with a six-speed manual, which makes it a bit special right off the bat. Then, he decided to start modding and upgrading and things got a bit out of hand. In the best way possible.

Now, it has a ton of new suspension bushings, subframe mounts and just a massive amount of structural bracing. Which is not typically done to cars like the Audi A4. Though, strengthening the chassis was a smart move because it allows his suspension mods, tire mods and brake mods do their thing. So the car actually rides quite softly, absorbing bumps rather than rattling over them. That soft suspension actually gives the car better grip and makes it more enjoyable to drive.

Aram Moss’ Audi A4 — Source: Wheel Well

Those aren’t the only mods that were done to it. It also has quite a lot of exterior mods, including the massive fixed rear wing that looks hilarious on an A4. Its engine has also been given a Stage 2 engine tune by 034 Motorsports.

This has to be the most comprehensively tuned B9-gen Audi A4 on the road at the moment. If there is one that’s more tuned that this, we’d love to see it. Until then, check this video out and see what’s possible with just a humble A4.

[Aram Moss’ Wheel Well]

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