VIDEO: The Escape — Audi A8L provides comfort during an escape

Audi recently created a series of short films to promote the new Q8 SUV. It was a multi-part ad campaign that featured mystery, intrigue and an extremely unsatisfying, anti-climactic ending. It seemed like an attempt to replicate the success of BMW Films’ long running series of short films but one that fell short of its Bavarian neighbor’s work. Thankfully, Audi has redeemed itself with this new advertisement for the Audi A8L, called “The Escape”.

In this new ad, a group of three people are inexplicably taken hostage on the roof of a building. With a bunch of baddies pushing them toward the edge, our three hostages break free from their bamboo restraints and start fighting back.

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After breaking free, a fun but hilariously over-exaggerated and choreographed fight scene breaks out, with our main character of the three hostages basically kicking a bunch of people off the roof. After dispatching of the rooftop-baddies, our three protagonists make their way down through the building, running from more baddies.

When they make it to the parking lot, our main character begins to hide from a very large man behind a row of impressively immaculate black Audis. As he hides behind them, he notices the rear door of an Audi A8L is open and he gets in and hides. Hilariously, he pulls a Bugs Bunny and is able to make himself thin in the back seat of the car to hide in the shadows and remain undetected.

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Though, the car then turns on and activates all of its luxury features. So the rear seat reclines, the foot massage table foot rest drops down, ambient lighting comes on, music starts playing and even champagne becomes available to him. So as fighting is going on outside of the Audi A8L, with explosions in the background, our main protagonist is enjoying sumptuous luxury with a massive smile on his face.

Then, one of the other protagonists who’s still outside fighting gets her face smushed up against the glass and she notices him enjoying himself while she’s outside fighting.

It’s a really good video that manages to pack action, information about the Audi A8L’s technology and a ton of humor into a minute and a half. It’s exactly what Audi needed after that needlessly dramatic and absurd Audi Q8 series.

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