VIDEO: The Audi RS6 Avant is Great but Complicated

Naturally, as Audi enthusiasts, we love the new RS6 Avant. Not only is it awesome but it’s the first RS6 Avant to ever be sold in North America. As a package, it mostly delivers on all of our hopes and expectations as well. It’s monstrously fast, handles very well, and features wagon practicality. However, the means with which it’s able to deliver all that can actually compromise it as well.


In this new video from Savagegeese, we get to take a look at not only the Audi RS6 Avant as a car but the technical side of how it’s able to deliver all of its performance and capability.

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The Audi RS6 Avant is a big, heavy car, of that there’s no question. In fact, at nearly 5,000 lbs, we’re wondering if its gorgeously sculpted body panels were actually made from lead. To manage all of that weight, and make it as fast and as sharp as it is, Audi had to use an almost unfathomable amount of technology. With as-standard air suspension, four-wheel steering, torque-by-brake-vectoring, variable steering, and, of course, Quattro all-wheel drive, the RS6 is able to create a ride/handling/performance balance unlike almost any car. However, it’s so incredibly complex that it can also sort of take you out of the driving experience.


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It’s still a wonderful car to drive. There’s actually nothing it does poorly. On top of being fast and capable and practical, it also has a great ride, top-notch cabin technology, a lovely interior, and it even makes a great exhaust noise. So as a do-it-all family car for the enthusiast, it’s almost unbeatable. But you have to be willing to accept the fact that it’s doing most of the driving for you. The Audi RS6 Avant is one of the fastest, most impressive four-wheeled computers on the road. If you’re okay with that, the RS6 is your car. If you can afford it, that is.

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