VIDEO: The Audi e-tron relaxes in new review from CNET’s Roadshow

As far as first attempts go, the Audi e-tron pretty damn good. Prior to it, Audi had never made a fully electric car, as the A3 e-tron was a hybrid of sorts and was quite terrible. However, the new e-tron SUV is anything but terrible. In fact, it’s actually very good and surprisingly… relaxing.


In this new video review from CNET’s Roadshow, we get to take a look at the Audi e-tron and it seems to be one of the most relaxing cars on the road. When we drove it back in the Summer, we noticed something similar. It’s so incredibly quiet on the inside and the ride is so smooth and refined that it almost lulls its passengers to sleep. It’s one of the easiest cars to drive long distances because of its relaxing, effortlessly luxurious nature.

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There are some drawbacks to that, though. Because it’s so relaxed, it’s not exactly fun to drive. Try to hustle the Audi e-tron and you’re met with understeer, body roll and an overall sense that the car would rather be doing something else. Instead, it’d rather you dial it back and take it easy.


It’s also not very fast, with 0-60 mph happening sometime in the five-second range. While that’s not painfully slow, it’s a far reach from what you’ll get from some Teslas in the same price point.


While Tesla has the Audi e-tron beat in terms of speed, it’s also the leader when it comes to range. The e-tron’s max range is only 204 miles in the US (it’s about to get a bump, similar to the e-tron Sportback) and that’s far off the mark of most Teslas. However, Roadshow’s Tim Stevens does say that the e-tron’s 204 mile range is consistently accurate and more so than the claimed range of most EVs.


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Audi also has a bit of a charging advantage over most other EVs. Thanks to the brand’s partnership with Electrify America, the Audi e-tron is capable of charging at any of their charging stations across the country and more are constantly being built. What’s special about EA chargers is that they can charge at up to 350 kW, faster than even Tesla’s third-generation of Supercharger, which is just beginning to come out. The Audi e-tron is also the fastest charging EV on the market, capable of up to 150 kW. Though no brand has been able to get a full 350 kW charge just yet, it’s nice to know the tech is there for e-tron owners when their cars are ready.

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Stevens did run into an interesting issue, though. While charging the Audi e-tron at an Electrify America station, the charging cable wouldn’t release from the car. There’s normally an emergency release lever, that allows owners to get the charging cable out if it gets stuck. But that didn’t work, either. Apparently, it’s a bit of a common issue with the e-tron, with many owners complaining of similar problems. Hopefully Audi can get that sorted out.


All in, though, the Audi e-tron SUV is an incredibly luxurious electric SUV. It’s not perfect but it certainly has its charms and one of them is the fact that it’s possibly the most relaxing SUV on the road, electric or otherwise.

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