VIDEO: The Audi e-tron gets reviewed by CarBuyer

The Audi e-tron is one of the best EV SUVs on the market. It’s not perfect and there are arguments to be made that both the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X are better, depending on what you want from an EV SUV. However, the e-tron might just be the most well-rounded of the three. In this new video from CarBuyer, we get to take a closer look at Audi’s first-ever electric SUV.

If you’re in the market for a luxury EV, you have quite a few options. In the EV SUV class, you can choose from the aforementioned I-Pace and Model X, as well as the Mercedes-Benz EQC, as well as the Audi e-tron. However, all three of those other competitors are very distinctly electric cars. If you’re not looking for your luxury car to look like a futuristic EV, the e-tron might be for you, as its styling is rather normal. In fact, it barely looks any different from a typical Audi SUV.

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That’s sort of the point, though. The Audi e-tron has been designed to just look like a luxurious SUV and not an electric one. So it can help bring in late adopters and customers that are used to buying normal gas or diesel-powered cars.

As far as range, the Audi e-tron has faced a bit of criticism. With a max range of around 241 miles on the WLTP cycle (204 miles on the US EPA cycle), the e-tron packs less range than most of its competitors. However, CarBuyer’s Ginny Buckley has actually recorded an average of around 2.5 miles per kWh and the e-tron has a 95 kWh battery pack. So she’s been getting around Audi’s claimed maximum range.

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It’s also very quiet and comfortable inside, with a refined ride and relaxing driving dynamics. We felt the same during our time with the e-tron. It’s a very comfortable, very relaxed car that’s easy to drive long distances. But it’s not as exciting to drive as the Jaguar I-Pace, nor is it as fast as the Tesla Model X.

So the Audi e-tron is an excellent everyday luxury family SUV that just so happens to be electric.

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