VIDEO: TFLC takes the Audi Q7 off-road

We’re facing some weird weather at the moment. It’s almost June and we’re getting cold weather, here in New Jersey. But, apparently that’s nothing compared to what they’re getting in Colorado, as they’re getting quite a bit of snow. In May…That snow threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the plans of The Fast Lane Car, who were about to do a video review of the Audi Q7.

So, they improvised and made lemonade out of lemons but taking the Q7 through some pretty gross terrain. Thanks to all of the melting snow, the dirt roads they were driving on became muddy, loose terrain filled with massive ponds of water. So it became a good opportunity to test the Q7’s off-road capability.

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Not many customers will think of the Audi Q7 as an off-roader, as most Q7s will never see so much as a gravel road during their lives. However, what most customers don’t realize is that Audi made its bones in the woods, in the mud and in the snow, with the fire-spitting original Audi Quattro. So the Q7 can actually hang when the road turns sour.

Which it actually does quite well in this video. They take it through what seems like lakes, with the water and mud coming up over the wheels, but it handles it pretty effortlessly without getting stuck. Or with the times it got stuck having been edited out.

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Roman Mica, TFLC’s host, lists three things he likes and three things he doesn’t. For starters, he doesn’t like the design, as he finds it too boxy and too boring. The main MMI screen on the dash is also too small, especially compared to the screens in BMWs, Lexus’ and Teslas. Lastly, the Active Lane Keep Assist system gets a bit too intrusive and can be annoying.

For the things he did like, the Virtual Cockpit was the first thing mentioned. It’s hard not to love it, to be honest, as it brilliantly displays all the information needed in an easy-to-read manner with crisp graphics and sophisticated design. The next thing they like is the engine. The Q7’s 3.0 liter supercharged V6 makes 333 hp and does a great job of moving such a big heavy car around. They also like how wide the tailgate aperture is when its open, thanks to Audi’s design of the tailgate. So the opening is very wide and easy to use.

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After going through all of the mud, snow and dirt, the Audi Q7 seemed unfazed. It’s powerful, luxurious, packed with tons of tech and can handle some pretty rough terrain.

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