VIDEO: Tesla Model S owner tests Audi e-tron in Spain

It’s no secret that the electric brand Audi wants to beat is Tesla. It’s the electric brand all traditional brands want to beat. So when a Tesla Model S owner takes the new Audi e-tron for a spin, we obviously pay attention and so too does Audi. So what does a Tesla owner have to say about Audi’s first electric car? We find out in this new video from E for Electric.

In this new video, E for Electric’s Alex went to Spain to test the Audi e-tron in a variety of different conditions. Despite being a Model S owner, he also has a reservation on the e-tron. So this test was his first time behind the wheel of a car he’s actually going to be buying.

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During his time with the car, he noticed some things he liked and some things he didn’t. For instance, he wasn’t a big fan of the camera mirrors (not coming to the U.S., so don’t worry ‘Merican buyers), nor was he a big fan of the way the shift lever moved. He also found the new Touch Response MMI system to be a bit overwhelming but did note that once used to it, it has a ton of functionality.

What he did seem to like was the way it drove. Audi put both the drivers and the e-trons themselves through their paces in Spain. They weren’t just city driving, they were tracking the Audi e-tron and off-roading it as well. During the off-road section, you get to see the e-tron use its hill-descent control and front cameras to see a massive drop off in front of it and handle it with ease. We also get to see it handle a track with surprising capability for a 2.5 ton electric SUV.

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Overall, there are obviously pros and cons to the new Audi e-tron but it seems to have impressed a Tesla owner enough that he’s going to keep his reservation and buy one himself.

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