VIDEO: Take a virtual tour of the Audi Q8 Sport Concept

At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Audi unveiled its Q8 Sport Concept, a car that’s very important to the future of the brand. The Audi Q8 Sport Concept is a 476 hp V6 hybrid SUV that can supposedly get over 700 miles of combined range. If the four-ringed brand can deliver on these promises, the Q8 Sport Concept will launch Audi right into the mix with the best hybrid and EV SUVs makers in the world.

With a design that’s reminiscent of the original Audi Quattro, especially that fat, wide C-pillar, the Q8 Sport Concept looks the business. It looks sleek, futuristic and high-tech while also looking aggressive and sporty. It has all the right design elements. This is one of the better concept cars from Audi in a long time.

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Inside, the Q8 Sport Concept is a techno-fest. It’s filled with touchscreens, replacing all traditional physical touch points, that give it a sort of Minority Report feel. It looks very cool, though I can only imagine the frustration from all of the finger prints. Ugh.

Under the hood will be the aforementioned hybrid powertrain that will be comprised of an electrically-supercharged V6 engine mated to an electric motor and battery pack. Total system power output will be 476 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Audi claims 4.7 seconds to 60 mph, which is pretty damn quick for a hybrid SUV. More about that electric supercharger though; it’s a small, electrically-powered compressor which runs off of a 48-volt electrical sub-system. It can add boost to the engine without the need of exhaust gasses, which is why it’s more of a supercharger than turbocharger. However, because it’s electrically-powered, it doesn’t have a parasitic drain on the engine.

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In this video from Audi, we take a quick virtual tour of the Audi Q8 Sport Concept and it looks great. Check it out.

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