VIDEO: Supercar Blondie is the First to Drive the Audi Sky Sphere

I won’t lie, the Audi Sky Sphere surprised the heck outta me. When Audi first announced the Sphere concepts, I rolled my eyes, feeling they’d be over-the-top auto show-specials designed to wow teenagers. However, the Sky Sphere really impressed me, and the rest of the automotive world, with its stunning design and very clever tech. We can only hope that Audi ends up building a production car that even sort of resembles the Sky Sphere. Which is why we’re extremely jealous of Supercar Blondie, who got to actually drive it.


Supercar Blondie was recently the first person outside of Audi to drive the Sky Sphere. Okay, so using the word “drive” is a bit clickbait-y because she drives it about twelve feet at what looks like three mph. I did more driving than that when I would back my parents car out of the driveway for them when I was thirteen years old. So it barely counts as driving the Sky Sphere.

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However, we’re still jealous because she had the chance to sit in it and play with it cool kit. Thankfully, we get to see it all in action and it’s very impressive.


For instance, sitting inside the Audi Sky Sphere looks wonderful. The seats, the dashboard, and the materials all look fantastic and surprisingly production-ready. Every screen looks functional, all the touch buttons seem to work, and the fit and finish seem every bit as good as a production Audi.


You didn’t click on this to read about build quality, though. You wanna see the Sky Sphere’s main party trick — its variable wheelbase. In its standard autonomous mode, there’s no steering wheel or pedals and the passengers have a ton of legroom. Flip it into sport mode, though, and not only do the steering wheel, screens, and pedals fold out and extend toward the driver but the entire wheelbase shortens. The front wheels actually slide toward the front bulkhead, shortening the front wheelbase and making it more agile. As far as we know, no other car or even car concept has ever had such tech. It’s a brilliant idea and looks absolutely awesome in practice.


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While Supercar Blondie doesn’t truly get to drive the Audi Sky Sphere (it’s not really a functioning automobile, anyway), this video shows off its cool tech and the impressive cabin better than almost any other. Check it out.


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