VIDEO: Strap in for a ride in a 1,000 hp Audi R8 V10

Klasen Motors is known for some pretty wild tunes. And the 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V10 in the Audi R8 is known for being capable of some pretty wild power figures. So when you combine the two, things get crazy. As evidenced by this new video from AutoTopNL, where we get to strap into a 1,000 hp Audi R8, POV-style.

I say strap in because while watching the video, it looks like you’ve been strapped inside the cockpit of the Space Shuttle. The accleration is simply insane. The scenery flies past the windshield like stars whizzing past the windshield of the Millennium Falcon at Light Speed. It’s astonishing, it really is, especially when you watch the speedo on the left, showing the numbers tick away faster than the mind can comprehend.

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On an unrestricted part of the German AutoBahn, they take the 1,000 hp Audi R8 to its top speed, or at least the highest speed they had the courage to reach. No shame in the latter, though, as they hit a shocking 343 km/h (214 mph), which is higher than the top speed of a McLaren P1, by the way.

For reference, at 200 mph, you cross an American football field, which is 300 ft, in less than one second. Less. Than. One.

After seeing this video, though, I’m not sure I’d want that much power or speed in anything other than an Audi R8. With its mid-engine balance, low center of gravity, all-wheel drive grip and just incredibly inherent stability, the R8 looks rock solid stable even after 200 mph. Kudos to the Klasen Motors crew for developing the automotive equivalent of an intercontinental ballistic missile. I wouldn’t want to know how long that V10 can last making that much power before servicing, nor would I want to pay to haveit serviced after that, but it’s impressive nevertheless. Although, those paddle shifters are just bit metal bits stuck to the stock paddles and they look bad. Keep those, Klasen.

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