VIDEO: Spider-Man takes his Driver’s Test in Next-Gen Audi A8

Audi and Marvel have been crushing it lately. Ever since Tony Stark drove the brand-spanking new Audi R8 back in the first Iron Man movie in 2008, the two mega brands have been hooking up in Marvel films. More recently, the four-ringed brand debuted the Audi SQ7 in “Captain America: Civil War”. However, the latest team-up for Audi and Marvel is in the upcoming film, “Spider-Man: Homecoming“. In the new Spider-Man film, the titular character drives an Audi TTS and Iron Man drives an R8 Spyder. But in this new short ad, Peter Parker himself takes his driving test in a next-gen Audi A8.

JB Smoove plays the driving instructer and is typically hilarious. When Peter says the A8 is “his friend Tony’s”, Smoove says he wishes he had a friend Tony. So do we, JB,  so do we. Anyway, we know it’s the new A8 based on the luxurious interior and steering wheel, though we don’t really see much else. Instead Peter Parker shows off all of its cool features, such as the Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, which doesn’t please his instructor. But it is funny.

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Then, Parker is instructed to pass someone and he does so with ease, using whatever engine is powering the big Audi A8. We’re not sure which engine it is or which engines Audi will launch the A8 with but it should be quick enough.

Finally, Smoove makes Parker parallel park, typically the hardest part of a driving test. However, the Audi A8 can parallel park itself, something Parker lets it do. To which Smoove responds with “I guess turning the wheel is too much for you kids, nowadays, huh?”. Except while he’s complaining about the A8, baddies are robbing a bank just outside of the car. So Peter Parker sneakily gets out of the car, while Smoove is still mumbling to himself while looking down at his paper, and becomes Spider-Man, taking the baddies down. Then jumps back in the car to surprise Smoove.

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It’s a funny little tv spot and one that puts Audi and Marvel back together, which is always a good thing. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7 and it will be the first place we can see the Audi A8, even before Audi shows it off just a few days later.

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