VIDEO: Seeing this filthy Mk1 Audi TT getting cleaned is therapeutic

I don’t know about you but watching cars getting meticulously cleaned makes my brain happy. It’s quite therapeutic to watch a very dirty, neglected car become fresh as new again. Which is funny because I’m too lazy to really clean my cars as often as I should. I don’t neglect my cars as poorly as the Mk1 Audi TT owner did but I enjoyed watching it get scrubbed nevertheless.

This specific owner brought their car into Autoshine Cars because they spilled a bag of rice in the back seat. While that’s true, that’s about the cleanest part of the car. The dry rice can be easily vacuumed up in minutes. It’s the rest of the interior that really needed a clean.

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To do so, the seats had to come out, as did the little grab handles on the center console. With those things out of the car, you can really see how neglected the little Audi TT was. Crud and grime just lived inside the car, in cracks that couldn’t otherwise be reached.

After a very thorough clean, which included a ton of steaming, shampooing and vacuuming, the little Audi TT looks like an entirely new car. The transformation is quite shocking, actually. It’s not like it was just given a quick vacuum and a coat of Armor All. Even the headliner and sun-visors were given a good steaming. The seats were steamed too, which actually shrinks the leather a bit so as to reduce the amount of wrinkles in them. After all the seats went back in, the interior looked like it rolled off the showroom floor back in 2003.

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I don’t know how a clean like this costs but it’s likely worth it. A ton of work went into cleaning the Audi TT and it shows. I would never have the patience to clean my car as thoroughly as the Audi TT in this video is.

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