VIDEO: Salvaged Audi R8 gets an un-recommended frame repair

A few days ago, we showed you a video of YouTuber Samcrac who recently purchased a salvaged Audi R8 in the hopes of repairing it. At first, the R8 didn’t seem too poorly damaged, as it only had a crack to its driver’s side strut-mount structure. While it’s technically considered part of the frame, which is why the car was totaled by the insurance company, the place where it cracked was actually just a structure to mount the front shock to. So Samcrac felt that it could be repaired and then the R8 would be on its way and working perfectly. And that’s sort of true.

However, in this newest video, he decides to botch the job. Now, we’re not trying to pick on anyone but we don’t want to be responsible for showing the previous videos and then having people think you can repair an Audi R8 this way. You can’t.

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Let’s start with the first problem. To realign the cracked structure, he used a hydraulic puller tool and hooked it up to both the metal structure and the jack stand that was holding up the car. That just isn’t safe. Then, as he pulled it closer, he damaged the mounting hole where the strut is bolted to the frame. That’s obviously bad. After that, he hired a welder to come and weld everything back together, after having realigned the structure. Except for the fact that the Aluminum Space Frame Audi used on the R8 shouldn’t just be welded by anyone, nor should it be welded like that. Aluminum welding is very tricky and difficult to do while retaining the same structural rigidity. In fact, many welders don’t recommend even trying to weld-repair cracked aluminum, due to the heat weakening the surrounding metal.

After welding it back together, they then re-drilled the hole for where the strut is supposed to mount to. Except that the new hole didn’t seem like it was exactly in the same spot as it used to be. If that’s the case, then the strut is going to be misaligned and that could be even more dangerous, as it would be putting stress on the mounting structure in a way that it isn’t designed to and on a structure that doesn’t seem to be properly repaired.

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Again, we’re not trying to slam Samcrac here but this seems highly ill-advised. We would not recommend driving this car and if anyone sees the car for sale, we’d advise against purchasing it. If an Audi R8 has cracks in the frame, it needs to be repaired by specialists who are capable of repairing an ASF (Audi Space Frame). Not some $300 mobile weld job.

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