VIDEO: Rory Reid Gives His Take on the Audi RS Q8

The all-new Audi RS Q8 has been making its rounds through inter intewebs as of late. The newest go-fast SUV from Audi is an interesting one because it’s mightily impressive but alto too expensive and a bit too numb. In this latest video from Rory Reid and Auto Trader UK, we get to see the new RS Q8 in detail and what it’s like to drive.


Reid has a good point — if you want a fast, practical fun Audi, a performance wagon like the RS6 Avant is your best bet. But this is the year 2020 and few people like wagons anymore. So Audi needed to make the RS Q8 to stay relevant.

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On paper, the Audi RS Q8 is a seriously impressive car. It’s incredibly fast; thanks to its 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8, making 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft; and it can handle far better than any SUV has the right to. But is it as impressive on the road, when you actually have to live with it everyday?


According to Reid, yes it is and it has a lot to do with its cool-factor. The Audi RS Q8 might not appeal to the old-school enthusiasts among us (such as myself) but it does appeal to a younger audience. It’s big, imposing, angry and, in regards to the test car in this video, completely blacked out; black paint, black wheels, black badges and black accents. All of that makes it very stylish, very modern and cool.

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That cool factor, in combination with its monster performance and practicality, make the Audi RS Q8 a surprisingly compelling package. Sure, the RS6 Avant provides essentially the same package; trading off a bit of practicality for dynamics; but the youths these days don’t want fast wagons, they want SUVs. So the RS Q8 delivers that. Too bad it’s too expensive.


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