VIDEO: Robert Downey Jr. talks to Marc Lichte about the Audi e-tron GT

The Audi brand will always be connected with actor Robert Downey Jr. He was the first person to drive the original Audi R8 on camera, when he did so as Tony Stark in Iron Man back in 2008. I still remember the commercial for the movie and seeing the car and being blown away by it. Since then, the Audi brand has taken off and customers now think of the four-ringed brand as a maker of some of the world’s best performance machines. So it’s only fitting to bring back Tony Stark himself to show him the Audi e-tron GT.

In this new video, we see Downey drive the original Audi R8 yet again. He drives it to meet Audi’s head of designer Marc Lichte and talk about the new Audi e-tron GT. When the meet, Lichte shows his his design process and how begins to sketch a car and he even sketches the original R8, the one Downey drove just minutes before.

They they talk about design in general. Downey asks him how he knows when he’s onto something good or how he knows when to start over. “If the combination of function and aesthetic is perfect in harmony, then it’s a good product because then it will be timeless.” says Lichte.

After that, both of them take a brief stint in the “e-sauna”, which just seems to be an empty room with e-tron-liveried walls. Downey, with his typical sly humor says they’re going to just sit there in silence to see who can take it for longer. That’s a bold move, trying to sit in silence longer than a German. Downey finally breaks the silence, saying he can’t take it anymore and asks to see the real car, the Audi e-tron GT.

When he finally sees it, he seems pretty excited about it. They sit in it and talk about the interior and how intuitive it is. Then Downey says he has to drive it. To which Lichte responds by saying that he already has. Downey spills the beans that he drives it in Avengers: Endgame (he says “Avengers 4” because the official title hadn’t been released until after this video posted).

If you read our article on the announcement of the Audi e-tron GT being in the new Avengers, you’d know that its very announcement, and Downey’s proclamation, might have spoiled a bit of the movie. The new teaser for Avengers: Endgame starts off with Tony Stark stranded in space in a ship without food and limited oxygen, with no help in sight. It seems bleak. However, if he gets to drive the Audi e-tron GT, it stands to reason that he escapes that bleak situation. Unless there’s some sort of flashback scene, which is possible. We’ll have to wait until April to find out.

Until then, check out this video and see Iron Man himself get reunited with the Audi R8 and then hop into the all-new Audi e-tron GT. Past and future.

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