VIDEO REVIEW: Hankook I’cept Evo2 Winter Tire Review Part II– Absolutely Worth It

Awhile back, we told you about the Hankook I’cept Evo2 winter tires I put on my B6 Audi A4. Hankook graciously sent these tires for me to test through the winter. Sadly, in my home in New Jersey, we got about as much snow as Los Angeles did. And with the Coronavirus pandemic over the last couple of winter months, we haven’t exactly been willing to explore. So we unfortunately didn’t have much of a chance to test them.


That said, we did drive them for a few months and did experience some very cold temperatures, down to even single digits (why didn’t it snow then?!), which did put them to the test. That might not sound extreme but even all-season tires will struggle for traction in those sorts of temps. Not our I’cept Evos.

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Sure, an all-season tire will be livable in those temps, if you want to constantly drive cautiously. But we’re car enthusiasts and we want to drive spiritedly, to say the least. We also like performance cars. Winter tires like these Hankooks unlock that performance, and ability to drive hard, in freezing temperatures while also keeping you safe and secure. Your performance car won’t perform properly in freezing temps with all-seasons but it will perform the way it’s supposed to with winter tires and I experienced that first hand thanks to Hankook.


I also want to point out the quality of the tire. Not only did my I’cept Evos give me excellent traction this past winter but they’ve been quiet and comfortable. Very little road noise is heard and they filter out harsh impacts from the road, impacts that are normally felt in many performance tires.

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In this new video, I talk about my Hankooks, some of the benefits of winter tires, my experience with these I’cept Evo2s specifically and why I’ll be a Hankook driver again. So far, I’ve been really impressed by my Hankooks and I can’t wait to try more of their products in the future.


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