Video: Pre-owned Audi Bank Job

Audi’s been running a pre-owned ad campaign for the past year or so, where strangers will approach new Audi owners and tell them to be kind to the car and keep it clean because they are going to be the second owner. They’re quirky commercials that often show some sort of awkward encounter between two people and the supposed second owner is usually a bit strange. The ads work, as they show how desirable Audi’s are and how popular the Certified Pre-Owned program is.

In this new ad, posted by Audi South Africa, the driver of an Audi A6 and his companions are about to start a bank robbery. With his leather driving gloves gripping the wheel, his companions don their masks and head out toward the bank. The driver then notices a sharply-dressed woman sitting in the passenger seat, who wasn’t previously there. As he’s startled by this, the woman starts giving him instructions on how to take car of the car, with a confident tone as if she was just as criminal as he was. As he sees tear gas go off inside of the bank, he asks her who she is, to which she responds, as she puts her sunglasses back on, “I’m the next owner of this Audi”. Then she leaves.

Audi Pre-Owned Bank JobIt’s a witty advertisement that has sort of a Guy Richie style to it. The ad only lasts 45 seconds, but there’s a lot packed into it. The drama of the bank robbery, a beautiful woman, the surprise of her presence and the humor at the end. As much as these ads are usually corny snooze-fests, this one is actually worth watching as it’s actually entertaining. It’s certainly worth 45 seconds of your time.

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