VIDEO: New video shows off Audi A8 active safety features

Almost every modern luxury car has a suite of active safety features. Whether it be from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or even Cadillac, luxury cars can drive, stop and swerve on their own to avoid danger that the driver may not see. We hear a lot about these features in articles, advertisements and even videos. But what we hear about and see is usually the cars’ systems being testing in exact and controlled environments. In this new video, though, we see all of the active safety features of the Audi A8 in the sort of environments that real drivers will actually experience.

First, we see the driver in his Audi A8, driving through mundane, highway, stop and go traffic. So he puts on Audi’s active cruise control, which accelerates and brakes on its own, following the car in front. While this is on, he looks down to change the song on the radio for split second when another vehicle pulls into his lane, without him knowing. But the car knew and slowed the car down so as to not hit the incoming vehicle.

When he finally gets through the traffic, he retakes control of the car. But while about to make a left-hand turn, the sun blinds him for just a moment, a moment long enough for a car to get in his way without him seeing. But the car saw and hit the brakes, so he didn’t collide with the oncoming car. I don’t know about you but the sun blinds me while I’m driving about three times a day. So that part in the video really resonated with me.

He then starts driving through some narrow city streets and the Audi A8 was able to detect a motorcycle driving through an intersection and the cross-traffic alert system was able to stop the car before he went through the intersection and hit the motorcycle.

These sorts of systems really do work and they can be incredibly practical in everyday use. This video really shows off what the Audi A8 can do and just how safe if can be. These features can save your life.

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