VIDEO: New ad has Santa Claus get ripped and an Audi RS5 Sportback

It’s that time of year where almost every automotive brand comes up with some commercial that shows Santa Claus driving their car. Mercedes-Benz famously has Santa driving a red AMG GT (previously an SLS AMG) and more recently Dodge has a Bill Goldberg-Santa driving a modified Hellcat sled. This latest Christmastime commercial shows Santa gaining an entirely new lifestyle, along with an Audi RS5 Sportback.

The ad starts off by showing Santa delivering some presents, as he usually does. He then takes a cookie from the tray but notices that a couple is coming home. He also notices that they’re arriving in an Audi RS5 Sportback in a very festive Misano Red. When he has to hide from them spotting him, he sees himself in the mirror and doesn’t like the way he looks, specifically his weight.

So when he gets back home to the North Pole, he sets out on a year-long journey of changing his lifestyle. Rather than eating Christmas cookies, he east a healthy plate of veggies. And he wakes up early every morning to run and train with some elvish boxers.

By the time next December 25 rolls around, Santa Claus is ripped and ready for a new look. So he gets a haircut and a beard trim. He also gets a new, stylish outfit, more in keeping with the times.

Then, as a little gift from Mrs. Claus and the elves for all of his hard work, they get him a Misano Red Audi RS5 Sportback, pulled into the workshop by Reindeer. And the Audi RS5 Sportback’s liftback tailgate perfectly fits his presents for all of the world’s children.

It’s a fun commercial, showing Santa go through Rocky-like montages of training to get ripped and more stylish so he can be more like the good looking couple he saw in the Audi RS5 Sportback the year before. The commercial was even directed by Craig Gillespie of “I, Tonya” fame.

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