VIDEO: MTM-tuned first-gen Audi R8 V10 Spyder POV by AutoTopNL

Despite the new Audi R8 V10 being better than the first-gen in almost every single way, we still have a soft spot for the first-gen car. Not only was it Audi’s first proper supercar but it’s still the last naturally-aspirated V10 supercar to be offered with a manual gearbox. However, the one we’re going to talk about today doesn’t have a manual and it’s no normal R8 V10. It’s an MTM-tuned R8 V10 Spyder and it’s properly insane.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we take a POV drive of the this MTM-tuned monster. From the outside, it looks every bit as insane as it is. It’s silver with orange and black highlights, orange wheels, orange louvers on the back and a massive carbon fiber rear wing. It’s such a vibrant looking car, for better or worse. While that’s typically not my thing, personally, as I like my Audis rather understated, there’s something about this car that makes me want to drive it.

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Inside, it gets new, bespoke sport seats with specific bolsters in certain places for your back, shoulders and butt. They’re also carbon buckets, so they’re very light and look very cool. Aside from the seats, though, the interior is pretty tame.

But the real talking point of this car is its engine. Rather than the typical 525 hp 5.2 liter free-breathing V10, it gets 606 hp. MTM claims it can get from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds, though we think it will be quicker than that. The new Audi R8 V10 Spyder is quicker than that with less power.

Now, the stock V10 in the Audi R8 is already one of the best sounding engines on the planet. But the MTM exhaust on this one is just insane. What’s cool is that it can open and close the exhaust valves on its own, so it’s quiet under a certain rpm and then once you rev past it the valves open and the sound becomes intoxicating. With the valves closed, it sounds like a great V10 supercar. With the valves open, it sounds like something that should be storming Le Mans.

It’s a really cool car and you should check out AutoTopNL’s full POV drive video of it because it’s an awesome car.

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