VIDEO: Manhart Audi RS5 Acceleration Run

We recently took a look at the Manhart-tuned Audi RS5 Coupe, the RS500. It gets its name from the fact that it now boasts 500 hp from its 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6. While that’s not much more power than the standard 450 hp RS5, it’s enough to give it a bit of a boost. But the Manhart Audi RS500 is much more than just a power upgrade, as evidenced by this video review from AutoTopNL.

As for its power and performance, the 500 hp makes the RS500 fast but it’s not much faster than the standard Audi RS5, if at all. It seems as if the car in this tests gets from 0-100 km/h in just a tick under 4 seconds, which is what the standard RS5 can do. Though, the numbers aren’t exact so we don’t know for sure.

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It also hits 284 km/h (176 mph) in this video, which is pretty quick. It’s not a 200 mph bruiser but it’s close enough. 284 km/h is nothing to sneeze at.

To increase some of the fun-factor that’s missing from the standard car, the Manhardt Audi RS500 uses an adjustable KW coilover suspension setup. That allows the RS5 to feel a bit sharper and handle a bit better. That was really the biggest complaint about the Audi RS5, as the standard car is a great performer but it lacks precision. This Manhart tune helps with that.

Another area where enthusiasts felt the Audi RS5 needed a bit of an upgrade was in its sound. That twin-turbo V6 is a great engine but it sounds a bit flat. Manhart upgrades the exhaust and it sounds much better than the standard car’s. We actually like it quite a bit and we’re not huge fans of aftermarket exhaust on most modern turbocharged cars, which usually sound too boomy.

We like the standard Audi RS5 Coupe a lot and, after some persuading, feel as if most enthusiasts need to cut it a bit of slack. Though, this Manhart-tuned RS5 is pretty awesome and might be worth it to anyone looking to tune their RS5.

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