VIDEO: Listen to the Audi RS6 Avant and its monster V8

We just recently saw some spy photos of the upcoming Audi RS6 Avant for the first time. While predictable in its design, it looks awesome and we can’t wait to actually see it without camouflage. However, what we’ve yet to experience until today is its noise. In this new spy video, we get a very brief listen to the RS6 Avant and its mighty V8.

This video only lets us hear the Audi RS6 Avant once, on a quick fly-by at the Nurburgring. However, we do get to hear a good bit of it, or about as good of a listen as we’re going to get over the sound of tires screaming in protest. What we do get to hear sounds very nice, though. It’s deep and throaty, like a proper V8 should be. There are also some nice pops and bangs on throttle lift, which makes it extra exciting.

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The V8 making that noise will be a new 4.0 liter twin-turbo unit, developed in-joint with Porsche and used in the new Panamera Turbo. For Audi RS6 Avant duty, it’s said that it will make upwards of 650 hp, which is a helluva lot. In fact, that would make it the most powerful car in its class by a large margin, with its only competitors — the BMW M5 Competition and Mercedes-AMG E63 S — making 617 hp and 603 hp, respectively.

It’s also rumored that the upcoming Audi RS6 Avant will make its way to America. We’re not going to get our hopes up, as we’ll believe it when we see it, but it has been rumored to do so. If that happens, we’ll finally get the ultimate do-it-all performance wagon we’ve been jealous of Europe for. Also, how great will it be to roast Corvettes and Porsche 911s at traffic lights in a family wagon?

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