VIDEO: Listen to the Audi e-tron GT Make its Electric Noise

Electric cars sound boring. There are no two ways about it; EVs just don’t have the same sort of emotional noise as an internal combustion-engined car. While EVs can be every bit as fast, if not faster, than ICE cars, they just can’t bring the noise as electric motors are virtually silent. However, Audi is trying to change that, by creating and entirely unique sound for the new e-tron GT, both for the inside and outside.


Typically, electric cars sound like laptops when running a processor-heavy program. Audi, though, wants the new e-tron GT to sound more thrilling more interesting than that. So it’s gotten to work on developing a specific noise for the Audi e-tron GT, to make sure that it’s as emotionally as exciting as it is to drive.

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In this new video, we get to see part of the process behind developing this new noise. Audi looked at so many different noises, to see what sort of other sounds outside of internal combustion can bring back some of the excitement ICE engines make.


So Audi looked at turbines, fans and nature, to come up with a sound that’s both powerful and sophisticated. It needed something that would give drivers a real idea of just how fast they’re going, even when the drivetrain is all-electric. Considering that noise is half experience of driving pleasure, this new noise is going to be extremely important.

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Thankfully, drivers will get to choose how they use the sound. There will be settings that control when it’s used and how much of it they hear. For instance, it can be tied to the drive select mode, to become sportier as the modes do, and the volume of it can be changed as well. So there will be flexibility in its usage.


Check out this video to see how it was made and what it will be like.




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