VIDEO: Lamborghini Urus teased drifting in snow

Just a few days ago, we saw a teaser video of the Lamborghini Urus drifting in the sand. In this teaser, Lamborghini showed of the Urus’ new Anima (Italian for Soul) drive-select modes. In addition to the typical Strada, Sport and Corsa modes, there are three new ones — Sabbia, Terra and Neve. The latter of which is for snow driving, which is exactly the point of this teaser video.

No one really expected the Lamborghini Urus to be a proper off-roading SUV. Being a Lamborghini, most fans expected it to be a very fast, very luxurious car that just so happens to sit higher up in the air than normal. However, the folks in Sant’Agata seem hell-bent on proving the Urus can handle some rough terrain. Just, with typical Lamborghini flair, of course.

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In this new teaser ahead of the Lamborghini Urus’ debut shows the SUV doing some very typical Lamborghini things, like driving very fast and spinning many tires. Just in snow.¬†Kicking up four-wheeled rooster tails of snow, the Urus can be seen having quite a bit of fun in this new teaser.

We always knew the Urus would be powerful and fast. Under its hood will be a version of the 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 shared by the Audi A8 and Porsche Panamera. It will likely make between 550-600 hp. That V8 will be paired with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. So it’s going to be very fast for an SUV. However, we never knew it would be so much fun when the pavement disappears.

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We can’t wait to see what the Lamborghini Urus has in store for us. It will be the second SUV from the famed Italian brand but one that’s drastically different than its predecessor. It’s also drastically different from any other Lamborghini product currently on the market. We’re waiting impatiently to see it in the flesh and see what it can do. But we know it can do snow drifts.

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