VIDEO: Lamborghini teases upcoming Aventador

Lamborghini is currently Audi’s Italian cousin. The Audi R8 that we all know and love shares its bones and its engine with the Lamborghini Huracan. So when we hear that Lamborghini is currently working on something new, we get very excited.

The Sant’Agata brand has just release a teaser video for an upcoming Lamborghini project, likely a new variant of the Aventador, as it’s implied in the video that this car will have a V12 engine. It could be the upcoming Lamborghini Aventador S, a slightly refreshed and revised variant of the Aventador with more power and increased technology.


In the video, we get to see all of the V12 Lamborghinis of the past. Everything from the original and gorgeous front-mounted, longitudinal V12 Lamborghini 350GT to the current Aventador and everything in between, such as the Miura and Diablo. The video shows us all of the V12 engines, where they were placed and how they fit in the car, whether they be longitudinal or transverse. But it ends by asking “What Will Be Next?”.

We wonder.

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