VIDEO: Lamborghini says Happy Holidays

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, the night where we all celebrate the end of the current year and embrace what’s to come in the new year that follows. For 2016, this new year can’t come soon enough. The past year has been a whirlwind of negativity. However, it’s been a pretty good year for cars, we must admit.

Lamborghini, for one, has had a great year, with quite a few new models being debuted and even making the cover of the Forza Horizon 3 video game. To celebrate the great year that Lamborghini had and to wish everyone Happy Holidays, the Sant’Agata brand has released this video.

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Lamborghini Aventdaor Miura Homage

A couple of special editions cars, such as the The Huracan Avio, which is in the spirit of fighter planes, makes an appearance in the video, as does the Aventador Miura Homage, which pays homage to the original V12 Lamborghini supercar, the Miura. With its red and gold colors scheme and Miura touches, the Miura Homage is one of the coolest cars we’ve seen all year. The video features quite a lot of the Centenario, which is a tribute to the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the company. It’s also the car that graced the cover of Forza, so it’s a big deal. There’s even the movie premiere of Doctor Strange, which features the Huracan.

2016 was a good year for Lamborghini, one that featured several debuts, many great achievements and special moments. So here’s to 2016 and Happy Holidays.

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