VIDEO: A Lamborghini in the snow seems incredible

Lamborghini is the brand that every young car enthusiast loves. The cars from Sant’Agata almost become mythical in the eyes of children. Their massive flares, scoops and angles combined with mammoth power and performance figures make them adored by young enthusiasts. However, I’d bet that no young enthusiasts dreams of driving a Lamborghini in the snow. But that’s exactly what the folks from Carfection had the opportunity to do.

Attending Lamborghini’s Winter Academia in the Alps, Carfection was treated to drifting Lamborghini Huracans and Aventadors in the snow. Host Drew Stearne had never driven a Lamborghini before this event in the snow and this seems like one helluva introduction.

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While many enthusiasts might not think of drifting a Lamborghini at first, it’s something that I can’t get out of my brain now. It just looks like so much fun, with four-wheel drifts coming from mid-engined supercars.

All of the Lamborghinis were fitted with studded snow tires and were fully capable of holding and maintaining drifts with impressive car control. Most journalists and enthusiasts complain about modern Lambos and their penchant for understeer, thanks to all-wheel drive. But who would’ve thought the remedy would be snow?

This looks like an absolute riot and we’re incredibly jealous of the folks at Carfection for being able to attend the Lamborghini Winter Academia.

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