VIDEO: Lamborghini Huracan Performante on The Grand Tour

This new second season of The Grand Tour is significantly better than the first one, despite the first season being pretty good. In fact, I personally think that this new second season is on par with some of the best stuff from the old-school Top Gear. It’s that good. In the latest episode, host Richard Hammond gets to flog the new Lamborghini Huracan Performante around their new track, the Eboladrome.

We’re big fans of the Huracan Performante, so we were very excited to see it featured on The Grand Tour. What we’re even happier about is that Hammond points out why the Performante is worth the extra money over the standard Huracan.

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On paper, the Performante doesn’t seem worth the extra scratch, having only about 30 more hp. However, the Huracan Performante isn’t about power or 0-60 mph times, it’s about handling and on-track performance. And it delivers that in spades.

Thanks to an even more extensive use of carbon fiber, the Performante is significantly lighter than the normal car, around 40 kilos lighter. So it’s sharper, more agile and, more importantly, faster through corners. Thanks to some of that weight being reduced over the nose, it also packs nicer, sharper steering, something the Huracan needed.

But the biggest improvement is actually something you can’t see, only feel — aerodynamics. The Huracan Performante features a new aerodynamic system that the Italians call “ALA” (Aerodinamica¬†Lamborghini¬†Attiva). That allows the airflow around the car to actually enter little vents in the rear spoiler, among other areas, and it channels that air where it needs to go. That allows Lamborghini to fit fixed aerodynamics that can actually channel air through specific areas, without the need for heavier active aerodynamics. It also allows for better stability and handling.

On top of all of that, Lamborghini has fitted the Huracan Performante with a new exhaust system that sounds so much better. The standard Huracan’s free-breathing naturally-aspirated V10 already sounded incredible but this new exhaust sounds astonishing.

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