VIDEO: Lamborghini Huracan Performante on CNET’s Roadshow

To be honest, we can’t get enough of the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. The newest car to come from Sant’Agata is also its most impressive. It’s lighter than the standard car by quite a bit, packs more power and handles significantly better. Big the big news isn’t what you can read on a spec sheet. The big news with the Huracan Performante is the way it manages airflow.

Using something Lamborghini calls ALA, or Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (which translates to Active Lamborghini Aerodynamics), the system controls which direction the air goes through and around the body of the car and can be controlled from inside the car. It’s a very impressive and highly complex system of active aerodynamics that allows the Performante to have insane levels of grip and downforce when and where needed, without the use of an active rear wing. This keeps the car lighter while also increasing its aerodynamic stability. While a fixed rear wing will often create unwanted drag at high speed, the ALA system actually sends the air through the wing at high speed, reducing drag. It’s very clever stuff.

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At the front, active flaps engage through corner, allowing the front end to be incredibly sharp. Rather than understeer, as most all-wheel drive supercars do (including the standard Huracan), the Performante simply dives into corners. In this video from CNET’s Roadshow, you can see just how quickly it responds to steering inputs. It’s very sharp and almost rear-wheel drive like. While the power is up from 602 hp to 640 hp, outright speed isn’t the point of the Huracan. Though, it does get from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. Which is blisteringly quick.

On the inside, we get to see a bit of its cabin. As mentioned in the video, Lamborghini interiors have never been considered beautiful. Childish and exciting? Sure. But never beautiful. That works in the Performante, though, as the entire car is designed to be mental. It’s designed to rip your face off and tear a whole through space-time. It’s monstrous and exciting and visceral. You don’t want pretty, beautiful or luxurious in the Performante. You want military-inspired switchgear and exposed carbon composite trim. As Jeremy Clarkson once said, you know that when Lamborghini was designing the windshield wipers, they thought “Well, why don’t we just use a laser?!” Lambos are supposed to be a bit crazy. This one is just that and it’s flipping fantastic.

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