VIDEO: Lamborghini Aventador S reviewed by Motor Trend

When the Lamborghini Aventador first launched, it was a bit odd for the Sant’Agata brand. It packed all-wheel drive, rather than the usual rear-wheel drive, was only available with an automatic gearbox and was highly electronic and technical, thanks to Audi taking over ownership. However, it was brutally, violently fast. Its 6.5 liter naturally-aspirated V12 made 691 hp and was capable of 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Though, what it had in speed and performance it lacked in handling dynamics and driver enjoyment. So the Italians have set about fixing the latter, while improving the former, with the new Lamborghini Aventador S.

For the “S” badged Aventador, Lamborghini has given it a pretty comprehensive overhaul, to just make the only V12 Lambo a bit better to drive in almost every way. In terms of power and performance, Lamborghini has give its V12 a few extra ponies, bringing power up to 730 hp and 0-60 mph happens even quicker. It’s astonishingly fast. But Lamborghini didn’t just up the power and call it a day. Instead, it got to work making it drive and handle better.

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Replacing the Aventador’s usual suspension is a set of¬†magnetorheological dampers, supplied by BWI, making Lamborghini the first brand to use BWI’s newest suspensions. So the Aventador S’ new magnetic dampers features two coils, rather than one, making reaction times faster. What’s lovely about magnetic dampers is that they increase both ride and handling, giving the Aventador S better moves while also keeping it comfortable enough. In fact, Motor Trend’s Johnny Lieberman claims it’s actually a good touring car.

Lamborghini even gave the Aventador S a new driving mode, called “EGO” (seriously). The idea of this EGO mode is for the driver to tailor the car’s suspension, steering and powertrain to their liking.

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Still, that’s not the point of the Aventador S. The entire point of it, and really any other Lamborghini for that matter, is to make a statement. Its incredibly flamboyant looks, sharp angle, subtly curves and rip-roaring engine noise make it impossible to miss. MT tested it in Miami, which at first seemed like a bad idea. Florida’s flat planes and boring roads create some difficulties for flat-out supercars. However, after spending some time there, with the bright culture and vibrant lifestyle, the Aventador seems so perfectly at home in Miami.

So if you’re looking for a $400,000-plus supercar to show off in, but also blow the doors off of nearly every other car on Earth, the Lamborghini Aventador S is the car for you.

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