VIDEO: Kelley Blue Book tests out the 2020 Audi Q7 Facelift

We were already big fans of the pre-facelift Audi Q7, claiming it to be one of the best premium SUVs on the market, right up until it received its mid-cycle facelift. Now that it’s had its nip and tuck, though, is it even better than before or did Audi screw up an already great formula. Kelley Blue Book finds out in this new video.


In this video, we get a comprehensive look at the newly facelifted Q7; its design, its driving dynamics and its tech. From what we can tell from this review, the updated Q7 seems to keep what was good about the previous car and improve what was starting to get old.

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There’s no question that the interior and technology updates are welcome, as the Audi Q7 now features the latest in-cabin tech the brand makes. So it’s up to date with the rest of the segment, whereas prior to the facelift the Q7 was starting to get a bit old looking inside.


We’re still not so sure it looks better on the outside after its update, though. Its headlights and new grille are a bit fussier looking than before and, personally, I like the cleaner, simpler look of the pre-facelift car, especially up front. Still this new Audi Q7 is a handsome SUV and one of the better looking cars in the segment.

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Overall, the newly facelifted Q7 is one of the most attractive overall SUV packages on the market. It has some steep competition now, though. The all-new BMW X5 is excellent, as is the new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. There’s also the brand-new Genesis GV80 and updated Porsche Cayenne. So while the new Audi Q7 is good, and offers a compelling overall package, it will have to be compared against its newest competition to truly be tested.


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