VIDEO: KBB reviews Audi A4 2.0T Quattro

When Audi first debuted its current-generation (B9) A4 last year, it was met with criticism for not straying far from the previous design. Audi has been quite incremental with its design as of late but, according to Kelly Blue Book, that’s nothing to be ashamed of and this new Audi A4 could become the new benchmark in the segment.

In this latest video review from KBB, the Audi A4 proves to be an incredibly impressive all-rounder. It manages to package handsome looks, a stellar cabin, great dynamics and impressive technology into an affordable and luxurious package. When we last drove the new A4, we were impressed with how well-rounded it was without being very compromised in any one way.

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Typically, when a car is a great all-around car, it’s compromised in some form, whether it be handling dynamics or comfort or luxury. However, this new B9-gen Audi A4 seems to be very good at all things. It may not be the absolute best at everything, but there’s really nothing it does poorly.

KBB talks about how the steering is very good and they’re right. The steering in this current Audi A4 might be the best since the B6-generation and it’s easily in the top three steering racks in the segment at the moment, with only the BMW 3 Series and Jaguar XE possibly being better. It’s also impressively agile (though, we’d recommend the lowered sport suspension, as the standard setup allows for a bit of body roll), being fun to drive and incredibly grippy. It understeers a bit at the limit, but it is all-wheel drive so that’s to be expected.

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The A4 also packs more technology and standard features as standard than any other car in its price range. It boasts an impressive amount of standard tech, such as xenon headlights, a backup camera and low-speed autonomous braking. It also packs the best interior in the segment with fantastic cabin options, like Virtual Cockpit.

While some cars in the segment might be better at certain things, such as the BMW 3 Series being a bit more dynamic, the Jaguar XR being better looking and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class being the better luxury car, it’s hard to fault the Audi A4’s overall breadth of abilities. There’s really nothing the A4 does poorly and, for that, it could be the best car in the segment overall.

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