VIDEO: Joe Achilles takes the Audi R8 V10 Performance to 200 mph

This new Audi R8 V10 Performance is the newly facelifted version of the old R8 V10 Plus. It’s not too different from the car it replaces but its several small differences add up to made the sum of its parts quite a bit better than it was before. So it looks angrier and has a lower nose, which makes it feel sportier, it has slightly sharper steering and better suspension. So even though the list of changes on the facelift car isn’t massive, those changes to make it a better car. In this new video, Joe Achilles gets back behind the wheel of an Audi to check it out.

Achilles is typically more of a BMW fan, as he’s had several and owns two at the moment. However, he’s been driving a lot of Audis lately and claims to have driven every version of the R8 since it debuted back in 2008. So it’s clear that he likes the brand, even if his heart belongs to those in Munich.

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In this video, Achilles takes the Audi R8 from his home in London all the way to the Autobahn in Germany for one goal and one goal only: Reach 200 mph.

Having never driven at 200 mph before, he’s determined to reach the goal but also a bit scared. Driving at that speed is frightening, as even a minor mistake could be fatal. However, if you’re going to attempt such a blast, it’s hard to find a better companion than the Audi R8. Not only is it crazy fast, far fast enough to attempt a 200 mph tun, but it’s low, stable and easy to control. Making it the perfect Autobahn partner for high-speed testing.

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We won’t spoil what’s in the video, as you should go and watch it yourself but it seems as if Achilles is quite fond of the Audi R8.

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