VIDEO: Joe Achilles Drives the Audi RS e-tron GT

Without question, the car we as Audi enthusiasts are most excited about is the new RS e-tron GT. Not only is it a stunning but it’s also remarkably quick and is the beginning of Audi’s future of performance machines. However, it does have its limitations and drawbacks, as you can see in this new video from Joe Achilles.


The Audi RS e-tron GT is the most powerful version of the e-tron GT, packing two electric motors that make a combined 637 horsepower. In recent testing, Mat Watson was able to see 3.0 seconds flat to 60 mph, over and over again. So it’s a shockingly fast car. But not for long, as Achilles found out the hard way.

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For his test drive, Audi UK flew Achilles and several other YouTubers out to the North Coast 500 in Scotland, one of the most incredible stretches of road in the world. It combines fantastic sweeping curves with beautiful scenery in a way that few other roads can. However, it’s probably the worst place to test an Audi RS e-tron GT. Not only is it a fast route, which depletes battery range more quickly, it’s in the middle of nowhere, with few — if any — charging stations to be found.

With a fresh battery, the RS e-tron GT is only capable of a realistic 200 miles of range. The section of road Achilles had to drive was almost 200 miles and he had to be so judicious with his throttle applications to maintain enough range to get back to the airport that he couldn’t enjoy the car. It certainly shows the car’s range shortcomings.

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However, we have a feeling that he’d enjoy the RS e-tron GT more had he tested at home. The Audi RS e-tron GT is simply not a long-distance cruiser, despite what its name implies, unless there’s a steady network of fast chargers. In California, it’d be fine. In northern Scotland? No likely.


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