VIDEO: Joe Achilles drives the Audi Q8

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ve probably seen Joe Achilles’ YouTube channel before. Typically, he tests and reviews BMWs, as he’s a pretty big BMW enthusiast and has had quite a few, including the excellent BMW M2. Now, though, for a bit of a change of scenery, he tested the new Audi Q8 in his latest video.

The Audi Q8 is the brand’s latest SUV and it’s also the brand’s new flagship SUV, in terms of both luxury and performance. As Achilles mentions in the video, the new Q8s is built on the same platform as the Audi Q7, the MLB Evo II architecture. It’s also the same platform shared with the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga. So it’s got good bones.

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However, calling it a coupe version of the Q7 is a bit of a crude way to put it. Indeed, they share the same architecture, engine (for the moment, future petrol engines for the Q8 are newer than what the Q7 offers) and transmission. However, all of the Q8’s tech is new, both inside and mechanically. It also gets an entirely new interior and more advanced semi-autonomous driving features.

More important than all of that, though, is how it drives. So what does Achilles, a well-known BMW fan, think about the Audi Q8? Well, he seems surprisingly impressed. He claims to say that it drives really well and he actually seems to have some fun through certain corners. He also says it rides really nicely, thanks to its air suspension, even if some smaller bumps can be felt, likely due to its large wheels and lower-profile tires.

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Does he have complaints? Sure, no car is perfect. The ride, as previously mentioned, might not be the softest, its touchscreen infotainment system can be a bit tricky to use on the move and creates a ton of greasy fingerprints due to its gloss-black finish (although, he does say it looks great) and the engine isn’t the most refined V6 diesel on the market.

Now, none of this info is really news to most Audi enthusiasts. However, it’s always good to hear what a fan of a competing brand has to say. Achilles despite being a big BMW fan, seems to like the Audi Q8 quite a bit. Although, he might just have been swayed by the gorgeous digs Audi put him up in.

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