VIDEO: Joe Achilles drives the all-new Audi S6 Avant TDI

Prior to the announcement of the North American Audi S6, a lot of Audi enthusiasts were upset with the Euro-spec S6 due to its diesel engine. The idea of an Audi S6 with a diesel engine just isn’t very exciting to most enthusiasts. However, that doesn’t make it a bad car, nor does it mean that it’s a bad engine choice. In fact, Joe Achilles claims that the new Audi S6 Avant TDI is actually quite good.

In his new video, Achilles walks us through the new Audi S6 Avant TDI, shows of its styling, its interior and its engine. He also takes it out on the road and tells us what it’s like to drive. From his perspective, it’s actually a great engine option for the car.

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Under the hood of the new S6 TDI is a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 diesel that makes 349 bhp and 516 lb-ft of torque. While it’s down on horsepower quite a bit to its petrol-powered sibling, it has more torque. In fact, it has a lot more torque. The North American-spec Audi S6 makes 444 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. So the diesel version has it over the gasoline version in terms of low-end grunt. According to Audi, 0-62 mph happens in 5.1 seconds. That’s slower than the outgoing model and slower than its North American sibling. Still, Achilles seems to think that not only is it more than fast enough but that it feels appropriate for the car.

The Audi S6 Avant is a big, heavy car. So having that sort of low-end diesel grunt actually makes moving such a heavy car easier. While we understand his point, the 0-62 mph times don’t lie and the gasoline-powered North American S6 does the same sprint in about 4.4 seconds. So we still think the gas version is better. Plus, the diesel engine just doesn’t make as good of a noise and it’s not exciting enough. If I want a smooth, torquey, diesel-powered Avant, I’ll just get an A6 TDI. For the S6, give us the power.

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