VIDEO: Is the Audi SQ5 Facelift Enough of an Improvement?

Back when we first drove the Audi SQ5, we liked it but felt that it lacked the specialness of some of its competitors. Compared to cars like the BMW X3 M40i, the SQ5 felt a bit too ordinary. Did Audi improve the SQ5 with its new facelifted version? Find out in this new video review from Doug DeMuro.


It certainly looks a bit sportier than before, with a new, more aggressive grille and angular new headlights. However, all of that sportiness is completely undone but the entirely fake quad exhausts at the back.


On the previous SQ5, there were just little black plastic panels designed to sort of look like exhaust tips. They were incredibly frustrating but not the most egregious fake exhausts we’ve ever seen. Now, though, the “quad exhausts” on the back of the new Audi SQ5 are an actual attempt at trickery. There are now fake exhaust pipes made of plastic that actually stick out of the rear bumper, in an attempt to look like real ones. It’s about the most egregious fake exhaust design we’ve ever seen and completely undoes the cool looks of the rest of the car. It’s like finding out Chris Hemsworth’s muscles are actually implants or Gal Gadot has actually been wearing a mask all this time.


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What about the drive? Under the hood is a familiar 3.0 liter turbocharged V6, with 349 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque and it’s quick enough. It won’t light your hair on fire, nor will it give you the fizz. However, it’s quick enough to make the SQ5 quicker than most crossovers on the road.


It’s also not very sporty to actually drive, so not much has changed since the pre-facelift car. Having said that, it’s a capable enough crossover and one that will outperform you average suburbanite SUV. It’s also comfortable and luxurious, which helps justify its lack of outright sportiness. However, if you’re looking to get into a sporty SUV, you’re likely better off in either the BMW X3 or Alfa Romeo Stelvio.


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