VIDEO: Is the Audi R8 GT the Next Collector’s Audi?

It’s no secret that the first-gen Audi R8 is an absolute legend. Its stunning good looks, choice of V8 or V10 engines, its glorious open-gate manual transmission and its association to Tony Stark (RIP) all contribute to its legendary goodness. With that in mind, there’s a specific version of the R8 that might be the next great collector’s car — the Audi R8 GT.


What was the R8 GT, you might ask? It was the highest-performance version of the first-gen Audi R8 and it came in both pre-facelift and post-facelift flavors. The car we see in this video is a pre-facelift version but not just any pre-facelift Audi R8 GT, a Spyder version.

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In this video from JayEmm, we get to see why the Audi R8 GT is not only a great car but a car with Ferrari 458-levels of enjoyability and a Porsche Boxster price.



On the used market, you can find R8 GTs for around the same money as a heavily spec’d brand-new Porsche Boxster. For that money, the R8 GT seems like a bargain. It features such lightweight upgrades as a magnesium engine cradle, carbon fiber everything and even lightweight bucket seats. It also gets more power, with 565 horsepower, up from 525 horsepower.


The only downside about the R8 GT is that it only came with, and can still only be had with, a six-speed automated manual gearbox. It’s Audi’s old single-clutch R-Tronic unit and it’s a bit sluggish by today’s standards. It wasn’t even great in its day. However, the GT-tuning that it received back in its day means that it shifts fast enough and violent enough to be overlooked.


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It may be overlooked in the world of special edition supercars but the Audi R8 GT is an absolute classic and will be enjoyed by owners for decades to come.


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