VIDEO: Is the Audi A2 really a great cheap enthusiast car?

One of the more obscure cars that Audi has ever made is the A2. Built in the early 2000’s, the Audi A2 was designed as a compact city car and, despite its relatively low price tag and economical nature, had the book thrown at it by Audi engineers. They pulled out all the stops making the A2 and it’s a surprisingly impressive and interesting little car. Better still, it can be had for cheap.


We never got the Audi A2 in America, sadly, but it was sold new in the UK and in Europe. There, it can be had used for extremely cheap and Car Throttle thinks it’s one of the most fun cheap enthusiast cars you can buy.

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For around £1,000 in the UK, the A2 is astonishingly cheap, yet you’re not getting some cheaply made econobox. Instead, the Audi A2 is built on an aluminum space frame, with the same chassis technology as the Audi A8 of the time. It was designed to be as light as absolutely possible and there are tons of fascinating weight (not cost) saving measures inside.


It’s also a surprisingly fun car to drive. It’s about as slow as a sloth on Valium but that doesn’t really matter. Thanks to its ultra-low curb-weight and short wheelbase, the A2 is a fun little car to chuck around. It also has a ton of space inside for your friends and has outstanding outward visibility. Plus, its little turbocharged engines can be tuned to make a bit more power.

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Personally, I like the way it looks, too. It’s a funny looking little bubble of a car and what it lacks in traditional good looks it makes up for with character. It seems to have a buzzy little personality, like a scrappy little dog. Car enthusiasts might not immediately think of the Audi A2 when they’re thinking of cheap cars to buy for fun but maybe they should.


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