VIDEO: Audi A4 – Intelligence is the new Rock and Roll

Audi’s latest B9 generation A4 is just making its way to North American dealers this month, finally replacing the aging, and somewhat disappointing, B8 generation. Audi wants to make a big statement with the new A4, as it’s packed full of new technology, much of it class-leading stuff. So to make such a statement, Audi has released an ad campaign called “Intelligence is the new Rock and Roll”, which shows off a lot of the A4’s new technology and claims that the tech industry is the new rock star of our generation, with the A4 being the “power chord”.

In the series of videos, Audi shows off all of the tech that the A4 has to offer. Everything from the engine to the design to the body and the interior electronics are portrayed as rock stars. In the main overview video, Audi talks about the new A4 in depth, explaining all of its new tech and how it works. The series of videos after show off individual parts of the car, such as the new MMI system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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2015 Audi A4 3.0 TDI quattro

This campaign is pretty smart on Audi’s part, as it shows off the parts of the A4 that the modern-day customer will want to see the most — the technology. While the Audi A4 is very fun to drive and has great performance, those aren’t qualities that today’s buyers want. They want connectivity and technology. Comfort and luxury. Not performance and handling.

“Technology is immersed in every aspect of culture and life today, and its impact is undeniable. The creative campaign for the Audi A4 embodies this movement. The all-new A4 is one of the most intelligent cars on the road, with leading performance, technology and efficiency.” said Loren Angelo, Director of Marketing, Audi of America.

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That statement couldn’t be more true, as today’s culture is over saturated with technology and creating a car that has the most tech and is the most intelligent is the way to get the modern car buyer excited. So while the A4 does offer class-leading power and performance, it’s the tech that steals the show.

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