VIDEO: Inside the Rings — A Look at the 2019 Audi Q8

Audi has a new luxury flagship, a car that will sit above every other four-ringed car as the luxury and technological leader. That car is the Audi Q8. Not only is the Q8 Audi’s most luxurious car but it’s also its sportiest SUV, being more fun to drive and dynamic than even the Audi SQ8 (a fact that might change when the Audi RS Q3 debuts). In this new video from Audi, we take a closer look at the new Q8 and its design, luxury and technology.

First, we hear from the exterior designer for the Audi Q8, who talks about a lot of its design details and styling cues. For instance, he talks about the new octagonal Singleframe grille, as well as its sporty roofline. One thing he mentions is that Audi wanted the Q8 to evoke the spirit of Quattro throughout its design. So it got some sporty front air intakes, the largest wheels of any Audi in history and aggressive wheel arches. The shoulder line that swells over the rear wheel arch also gives it a very tough, dynamic look. And the fat C-pillar harkens back to the original Audi Quattro.

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We then hear from the Audi Q8’s interior designer. The challenge for the interior design team was to take the cabin of the Audi A8 and make it work for an SUV. They claim it’s different from the A8 but I can’t find any significant differences between the two. Still, it’s a great interior that’s filled to the brim with luxury and technology. The main focal point is obviously the new dual-touchscreen setup, which replaces the old MMI and HVAC system. Now, two touchscreens control everything.

It’s an exciting new car, the Audi Q8 and we can’t wait to give it a test whenever we get the opportunity. For now, we’ll watch videos like these.

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