VIDEO: How to be an Audi driver

Audi drivers have a bit of a bad reputation (though not as bad as BMW drivers), as they can often be a bit obnoxious on the road. Plus, with Audi’s attempt to bring in a younger audience, it’s also brought in an unwanted type of customer. You know the sort, the kind of annoying white frat bros that listen to way too much Dave Mathews, get way too intense about Lacrosse and only date girls named Skyler. In this new video from Speed Comparer, we get to learn how exactly to be one of those guys.

It’s obviously a satirical video and it’s genuinely hilarious. In it, he goes through basically the checklist of douchebaggery for the infamous Audi driver in a second-generation Audi TT RS.The backwards hat, the hilarious American accent at times and the annoying but typical phrases that psuedo gear-head dude-bros always use. My favorite is “This is a German car and German cars don’t have speed limits because of the Autobahn. And it was made like that on purpose by the King of Germany”. I also love the bit about him leasing the car for fifteen years but it’s in his parents name, so “Sick!”.

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Admit it, we’ve all known someone exactly like this when we were young. Guys who thought they knew everything about cars but knew nothing and tried to use their car to impress (and fail) every girl they met.

While obivously not every Audi driver is a visor-wearing douchebag, there are a ton of them, as there are with every major premium brand. However, it’s a really funny and short video that perfectly encapsulates the sort of annoying, young premium car driver that we all hate. If you think this video is funny (which it is), then you should check out more of Speed Comparer’s videos because they’re all genuinely hilarious, such as how to pronounce German car names.

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