VIDEO: How long can the Audi e-tron’s battery last versus competitors?

By now, it’s no secret that the Audi e-tron lacks the same sort of range that many of its rival electric cars have. With only 204 miles of EPA-rated range (around 250 miles on the Euro WLTP cycle), the e-tron isn’t exactly the best long-range EV (it must be said that it will get an update with slightly more range later this year). However, Carwow’s Mat Watson decided to test the a bunch of electric cars to see just how far they can actually go before their batteries crap out and the e-tron was involved in the test.


The test was simple; gather a bunch of electric cars in one location with their batteries completely topped off. Then, set off in the same direction, on the same roads, to see just how far each car could actually go, which car could go the furthest and which used the most of its claimed range. He also swapped cars throughout, doing about 45 miles in each, to give each one a bit of a review.

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In this test, Watson used the Audi e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Tesla Model 3, KIA e-Niro and Nissan Leaf. The video is long but worth the watch because it really is interesting to see how far each car goes, how they respond to low battery levels and what each one is like to drive.


Because this is a long video and seemed like it took an incredible amount of work, we’re not going to spoil the results for you. All we will say is that the Audi e-tron hit 206 miles before it finally shut down and required being towed to a charging station. That’s two miles further than the 204 miles claimed by the EPA and about 80-percent of the claimed max range on the WLTP cycle. Interestingly enough, 80-percent efficiency is about as good as a modern diesel engine, so that’s actually quite impressive.

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How does the Audi e-tron, with its 206 miles of real-world range, stack up against the rest of the group? You’ll have to watch and find out. And kudos to the Carwow team for an extremely thorough, objective and interesting test.


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