VIDEO: Help Mat Watson build Carwow’s Audi RS4 Avant

Many publications get long-term loans from automakers, allowing them to keep a specific car for about a year (we’re willing, Audi). This allows the journalists to really get a feel for a specific car, its pros, its cons, its quirks and its flaws. Mat Watson of Carwow recently took a long-term Volvo XC60 in and made a video prior to ordering it. In the video, he gave the audience a few choices for specific options and let the audience choose. So both Watson and his audience helped customize the car. Now, he’s doing the same thing with his upcoming long-term Audi RS4 Avant.

The Audi RS4 Avant is an awesome car and we’re really excited to see what Watson’s car ends up looking like. Until then, though, we get to help him configure it by picking from a few choices for certain options. For instance, it starts out with Watson asking for us to choose a color. The four color choices he picked out for us to choose from are Navarra Blue, Misano Red, Sonoma Green and Nardo Grey. We chose Misano Red because we like red here, at QuattroDaily.

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Next, it’s time to choose interior options. You only get one vote to choose from either three different trim options or two different interior color options. So you have to decide which you prioritize, trim or interior color. The options for the trim are aluminum, anthracite or carbon fiber and the interior color options are Black leather with Red stitching or Lunar Silver with Grey Stitching. We chose black leather with red stitching, as it works well with the Misano Red paint and we don’t really care which trim is chosen.

Next, Watson asks us, the audience, to choose which performance option he gets. Of the choices, there are Dynamic Steering, RS Sport Exhaust, RS Dynamic Ride Control, Ceramic Brakes or an increased 174 mph top speed. We chose the Dynamic Ride Control, as the adaptive dampers are the best choice. The Dynamic Steering is a bit crap, the 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 isn’t that exciting sounding even with the RS Sport Exhaust so it’s a bit useless and the ceramic brakes are only useful on a track and Watson claims this RS4 will be a daily driver. The top speed is useless for obvious reasons.

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After that, it’s time to choose wheels. We chose the 19″ ten-spoke wheel option, even though it’s the smallest size wheel option. While it’s the smallest size, 19″ wheels are still quite large. Plus, the other options just aren’t very good looking.

Lastly, we have to choose some luxury options. Of the five, Watson will choose the top three. Of the five options, there are a Panoramic Sunroof, electric front seats, privacy and acoustic glass, extended LED lighting or RS Matrix LED headlights. The latter is tempting, as Audi’s Matrix headlights are very cool but the Panoramic Sunroof is just too practical to not choose.

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So now Watson and Carwow will wait to see the results of the voting and will then build their long-term Audi RS4 Avant. We can’t wait to see what comes of this community car build.

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