VIDEO: Harry Metcalfe brings his Lamborghini Countach on a road trip

If you don’t know who Harry Metcalfe is, he’s the founder of EVO Magazine and host of the YouTube channel, Harry’s Garage. Metcalfe is an avid car collector, with countless cool cars ranging from old classics to new exotics. One of his most famous cars is his classic Lamborghini Countach QV, a car which he had detailed in a recent video, one we featured on our site. In his latest video, Metcalfe takes his Countach on a road trip, along with other Countach owners and their care, to the track and then to a lunch spot.

It’s a rather short video, but it’s cool to see. Many classic car owners are part of clubs that meet regularly with their cars, to track them, show them off and talk about them. This video is a look into that life, the life of a wealthy classic car owner, and it’s one that we want.

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Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Countach

While the Countach was made before the Audi Group purchased Lamborghini, it’s still a classic and part of Lamborghini’s history, so it’s kind of part of Audi’s history now, too. Not everyone loves the look of the Countach, as its crazy wedges and massive wing give it a very period ’80s look that isn’t always popular. However, one can’t deny its polarity and excitement. Good looking or not, it’s cool. Plus, you get to hear that carbureted V12 sing and it’s a glorious noise. Check it out.

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