Video: Happy Halloween – Audi creates 360° GIF using pumpkins

Happy Halloween, everyone. It’s the time of year when everything is pumpkin flavored and there are slutty nurses running around the streets looking for booze…I mean candy. But aside from scandalous costumes and heavy partying, it’s also a time of year for fun pumpkin carving and Audi has decided to use pumpkins to create a 360° GIF image of an Audi RS7.

Int he world of cars, the Audi RS7 is pretty scary. It starts life as a pretty pedestrian A7 luxury sedan and even has a practical hatchback trunk lid. So there’s nothing too scary about it to begin with. However, once Audi gives it the RS treatment, the A7 becomes a fire-breathing monster whose only goal is to eat unsuspecting supercars for lunch. In the world of performance cars, the Audi RS7 is the guy in movies that seemed so nice at the beginning but ends up being the killer at the end. It’s a sleeper.

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So Audi decided to create a creepy GIF of the RS7 using Halloweens most famous decoration — pumpkins. Using several pumpkins, with pinhole cameras placed in each one, they surrounded the RS7 in a full 360° circle. After using these pinhole camera’d pumpkins, Audi snapped a bunch of pictures. Because all of these pictures were caught through the pumpkin, they came out quite a bit grainy and aren’t so clear. This gives the pictures a sort of creepy and unsettling effect, which fits the monster RS7 perfectly. Then, using the magic of technology, which seems to be wielded by every Reddit user, they turned the pictures into a 360° GIF.

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This may be silly and it may even be juvenile. But Halloween is juvenile and sometimes it’s fun to let your hair down and do something just because it’s fun. So it’s cool that Audi made this little video and this “creepy” RS7 GIF. Is it actually creepy and is it actually cool? No and no, but it’s fun so who cares. Check the video out, it’s interesting and fun.

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