VIDEO: Go inside this secret Audi Tradition garage featuring rare classics

If you go to Ingolstadt, Germany, visiting Audi’s HQ is always a fun trip. At Audi HQ is a cool museum that’s open to the public and it’s filled with some really cool cars. However, it’s apparently not the best place to see some incredible Audis. Instead, there’s an entire three-story parking garage deep inside Audi HQ that features some of the most incredible rare Audis and you can check almost all of them out in this new video from Hoonigan.

This video is basically heaven for any Audi enthusiast, as you can see some of the most iconic Audis in history. Obviously cars like the original Audi Quattro Group B WRC car but also Le Mans winning LMP1 cars and even pre-war classics were on display. Not only did the guys from Hoonigan get to walk around and check these cars out but some people from Audi Tradition gave them a bit of a tour and explained the history and mechanics of a lot of the cars.

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After they walked through the entire three-story garage of incredible classics, Audi Tradition actually let them drive an original RS2 Avant in a stunning green color that is one-of-one. It’s the only RS2 ever painted in that color and they were actually allowed to drive it around a bit. It’s the stuff of dreams for an Audi enthusiast and we’re super jealous.

Obviously, this sort of thing isn’t available to the public but that’s why this video is so great. It allows us all to see what Audi has lurking deep within the walls of its headquarters. We can only imagine the fun we’d have nerding out over all of those incredible classic cars, race cars and prototypes. I wouldn’t mind being trapped down there for a couple of days, just checking out the cars.

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